Saturday, June 13, 2009

kiss me larry

Guest_ChicoDiz: Hey there

Guest_nymph04u: :)

Guest_ChicoDiz: how old are you babe?

Guest_nymph04u: 20

Guest_ChicoDiz: oh cool

Guest_ChicoDiz: im 18 btw

Guest_nymph04u: are u old?

Guest_ChicoDiz: oh i see both of you now

Guest_nymph04u: i like old men better

Guest_ChicoDiz: nice outfit

Guest_ChicoDiz: people say i look like im 23 though lol

Guest_nymph04u: aww

Guest_SxT9: hi

Guest_nymph04u: this mah babygurl

Guest_nymph04u: she's hot too

Guest_nymph04u: we

Guest_ChicoDiz: hey sxt9

Guest_SxT9: hi

Guest_nymph04u: we're bi.....

Guest_nymph04u: lingual

Guest_ChicoDiz: ohh

Guest_nymph04u: langy langy

Guest_ChicoDiz: .lol

Guest_ChicoDiz: you two look very hot

Guest_SxT9: hehe

Guest_nymph04u: ivana hump is my real name

Guest_nymph04u: thanx

Guest_ChicoDiz: oh cool

Guest_ChicoDiz: nice to meet you ivana

Guest_SxT9: hehee

Guest_SxT9: ivana

Guest_SxT9: show me live baby

Guest_nymph04u: cheese biscuit ur a hot turkey sammich

Guest_ChicoDiz: oo

Guest_nymph04u: kiss meh, Larry

Guest_SxT9: love muffins in the backseat of the car

Guest_nymph04u: ooo

Guest_nymph04u: kissy boy

Guest_nymph04u: ooo

Guest_ChicoDiz: how do you like it ivanna?

Guest_nymph04u: now ur gonna think im easy

Guest_nymph04u: i like it w/ a side of corn chowder

Guest_ChicoDiz: nah, you're too hot to be easy

Guest_nymph04u: awwww ,,, that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me